Frequently Asked Questions about Recommendations and Health

When should I disinfect my hands?

In an hour we touch each other, on average, 23 times the face, which favors contagions:

  • Before you eat.
  • Before, during and after preparing food.
  • Before and after caring for someone sick.
  • Before and after treating a cut or wound.
  • After the risk of exposure to bodily fluids.
  • After using the bathroom.
  • After changing diapers or cleaning a child who has used the bathroom.
  • After the nose ingders, cough or sneeze.
  • After touching an animal, animal feed or animal waste.
  • After touching trash or debris.
  • After touching stair handrails, pushbuttons and elevator buttons, ATM keyboards, vending machines or door handles (with special care in public toilets).
  • After touching bars and armrests of public transport.
  • Before and after a simple greeting to squeeze your hand.

Is it better to wash your hands with ordinary soap and water?

WHO (World Health Organization) recommends cleaning your hands by rubbing them with an alcohol-based formulation, such as SafetyBand’s exclusive formula® as the ideal method for hand antiseptics in the day-to-day routine. It’s faster, more effective and better tolerated by your hands than washing with soap and water, as long as your hands aren’t visibly dirty.

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Can overuse of alcohol-based disinfectants build resistance in germs?

Unlike other antiseptics and antibiotics, there is no reported or probable resistance to alcohol-based disinfectants.

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What are the benefits of the SAFETYBAND® formulation?

We have taken the development of an effective and improved hygiene solution very seriously. Thanks to its active ingredients it guarantees perfect hygiene in the hands, without water. Its unique formula allows us to use it more frequently, without damaging the skin, leaving a soft and pleasant touch.

Its main benefits are:

  • Active protection for your hands.
  • Helps remove germs on the skin.
  • Keep your hands hydrated.
  • It gives a feeling of freshness.
  • It doesn’t leave your hands sticky.
  • It evaporates quickly.
  • No Perfume / Neutral.
  • Suitable for everyone.
  • Long duration. With a single 10 ml capsule you can make up to 25 effective dosages.

It is recommended to apply to healthy, clean and dry skin, sufficient amount of product and rub until completely absorbed. External use only. Do not ingest.

How can we guarantee the efficacy of the SAFETYBAND® formulation?

SAFETYBAND hydroalcoholic gel® is composed following the guidance of formulations recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO)

  • Contains Alcohol Denat (Ethanol) 96o 70% v/v.
  • Contains Vegetable Glycerin obtained from soy and coconut.
  • Contains Aloe Vera with high concentration certified in AloeCorp and IASC
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Contains no allergens or dyes
  • We guarantee that the formulation is free of parabens and paraffins.
  • It’s NOT tested on animals. We comply with law 2013/15/EC.
  • Suitable for vegans.
  • Hydration test, to ensure our formula moistens your hands.
  • Stability test, to ensure product efficiency with 12 month expiration date once opened.
  • All the ingredients that make up it are registered in the CosIng, evaluated by the SCCS scientific committee.

See the full list of ingredients:

Does the SAFETYBAND® formulation contain TRICLOSAN or METHANOL?


Can pregnant or lactating women use SAFETYBAND®?

WHO, in relation to COVID19 (Coronavirus), points out that, for pregnant or lactating women, it should become a priority habit to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or wash with soap and water more frequently. SafetyBand’s hygienizing formula® does not contain TRICLOSAN or METANOL. However, talk to your doctor before using any cosmetic or pharmaceutical products.

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Is SAFETYBAND ® Hydroalcoholic Gel suitable for CHILDREN?

Yes, for your position. All the ingredients that make up SafetyBand’s hygiene formula have been carefully selected:

  • All its ingredients are registered with COSING, evaluated by the SCCS scientific committee.
  • The glycerin used is of non-synthetic plant origin, which is extracted by hydrolysis and fermentation of sugars, mainly from soy and coconut. We use Aloe Vera high concentration of polysacacharides, originating in Mexico and certified with the AloeCorp and IASC seal.
  • Also for the safety of the little ones the Safetyband formula has a completely innocuous component called BITREX. It aims to ensure whether a child or animal tried to ingest it, they would spit it out immediately before they can get intoxicated. A lifeguard literally. Children are especially sensitive to bitter tastes. This ingredient is helping accidental poisonings be a thing of the past.

We use premium 70% v/v ethyl alcohol.

All this does not replace common sense, so we recommend its best use from 5-6 years old, since in the earliest ages, children suck their hands a lot. In children its use should always be supervised by an adult.

Why is our formula gluten free?

Although experts believe gluten cannot be absorbed directly through the skin, it can happen that a person after using a hand sanitist touches their mouth, lips or face. If a product contains gluten, accidental ingestions may occur. In addition, some people develop skin reactions to skin care products because they are also allergic to wheat or other grains.

Does SAFETYBAND® fit any wrist?

Yes. Our team of engineers has developed a bracelet that fits any wrist so you don’t have to worry about sizes. Besides, it’s UNISEX.

The quality of the materials has been one of the basic pillars when developing the product. It is made of hypoallergenic materials, antibacterial protection, microorganisms and is water-repellent, meet the ecological-human requirements of STANDARD 100 by [email protected] and ISO17050-1 as well as American requirements, in children’s articles CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act 2008 in the USA).

SafetyBand FAQ

What is the SAFETYBAND® disinfectant wristband?

We’ve reinvented the way we disinfect your hands. The SafetyBand disinfectant bracelet is born from the need to protect us and those around us in times when biosecurity has become indispensable.
We have designed the first disinfectant bracelet with a portable and versatile professional dispensing device. SafetyBand features its unique patented eco-friendly system of rechargeable, reusable capsules with fast, discreet and easy-to-use application technology. Its innovative system adapts to everyone and all situations.
SafetyBand is designed to help us prevent the spread of viruses (transmission by formites), so that it allows us to more comfortably and easily remove bacteria and germs in your hands, including COVID-19. It is a perfect complement to face the “new normal”.
It’s great for everyone! but especially in public-facing jobs and situations that require constant hand hygiene, you’ll avoid having to pick up and touch disinfectant dispensers in public establishments that are handled daily by a multitude of people.
Another of our goals in the SafetyBand disinfectant bracelet has been its cutting-edge design so that you always go fashionable. Its innovative shape along with its materials, textures and color gamut make SafetyBand always fit your lifestyle.
SafetyBand is a Spanish product It has double patent, is a quality product, safe for the user and environmentally friendly.

Who can use SAFETYBAND®?

SAFETYBAND® It is suitable for everyone. Our exclusive Premium hygienizing liquid adapts to your needs: it is hypoallergenic, moisturizing and vegan. It is your essential complement to face the “new normal”. It is ideal for all kinds of activities:

Does SAFETYBAND® fit any wrist?

Yes. Our team of engineers has developed a bracelet that fits any wrist so you don’t have to worry about sizes. Besides, it’s UNISEX. It is made of hypoallergenic materials, antibacterial protection, microorganisms and is water-repellent. The quality of the materials has been one of the basic pillars when developing the product.

Can I use SAFETYBAND® several times a day?


Of course, use it as many times as necessary, especially at key times, such as before eating, after using the bathroom, and after touching objects that others play frequently. The formulation of the hygienizing liquid supplied with the bracelet by its active formula takes care of your skin and protects it.




How long does a SAFETYBAND® capsule last?

The capacity of our capsules has been designed in balance between bracelet design, ergonomics, user comfort and durability to cope with normal daily activity without having to be replaced or recharged.


The average daily activity of a person is 12 to 14 hours. SafetyBand is designed to be used whenever you need it and cover your hours of activity. 1 capsule of 10 ml. allows you to perform up to 25 washes throughout your day.


As we are aware of the current health crisis due to COVID19 (CORONAVIRUS) and that many users need a constant washing by their profession our team of engineers and designers have thought of a capsule replacement system so that you can do it quickly, comfortably and without removing the bracelet from your wrist.


2 capsules x 10 ml. Included in the shopping kit so you can always carry your spare parts ready.

What should I keep in mind when using SAFETYBAND®?

It is for external use only and is flammable.
Keep away from fire or flames and, if swallowed, get medical help or contact an emergency center immediately. Stop using the product and see a doctor if irritation or redness develops. Do not use in or near the eyes, if the liquid comes into contact with the eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Do not ingest or inhale. Avoid use on injured skin. Use in minors must be in surveillance and under the responsibility of an adult. Stores antiseptic hand gel out of reach of children
Put a small amount (the size of a coffee bean) in dry hands so the children rub their two hands together until it dries completely. Make sure the little ones don’t put their wet hands with the antiseptic in their mouths. Teach children the right way to use hydroalcoholic hand gel, so they know how to use it safely in school and in public places.
Warning: Product packaging and its contents are not recommended for children under 3 years of age because it contains straps, tapes and small parts.
Please, always have under the watch of an adult!

Is SAFETYBAND® rechargeable?

The ideal hygienizer for our capsules is that of our formulation for its active ingredients as well as for its density. We want each application to experience a pleasant, guaranteed and certified wash. We believe that the best way not to contaminate is not to generate waste, so our capsules are rechargeable.
The purchase package includes 2 rechargeable and reusable capsules along with a bottle of hygienizing gel that will make charging easier. Just as if you don’t want to recharge the capsule at the time it runs out you can insert the replacement one in an easy and comfortable way. Our unique and fast capsule replacement system allows you to always have SafetyBand ready for when you need it.

Can I top up SAFETYBAND® with another disinfectant product?

The cannula cap supplied in our hand-hygienizing liquid bottle is reusable and compatible with most packs of 75 to 500 ml of hydroalcoholic liquids and gels marketed on the market. This will allow you to fill the capsules with other products such as: sanitary disinfectants, hygienizers, antiseptics, bactericides, biocides or viricides as long as they do not degrade the materials of our product. The user is responsible for recharging the capsules with a liquid other than that supplied. SAFETYBAND® is not responsible for the use of products other than that supplied with the bracelet.

Can I top up SAFETYBAND® with another disinfectant product?


Our product is supplied with a pack of Hygienizing Hand Gel (100ml). Which you can also purchase separately.
The bottle has a cannula-formatted cap that will make it easier for you to fill your capsules.
The cannula cap is reusable and compatible with most containers from 75 ml to 500 ml of hydroalcoholic hand liquids and gels marketed on the market. Simply change the cap to the other container according to your preferences or needs.



How is your product different from other hand sanitizers currently on the market?


In several respects:
• Innovative next generation design.
• Portable and versatile device.
• Fast, discreet and easy-to-use application technology.
• It is a cost-effective and sustainable solution.
• Specific characteristics of our hygienizing solution.
• Creates safety for the user and those around them by being visible on the wrist.

• Research, development and innovation (R&D&I) helps to work professionally in all social sectors to make it easier to implement the prevention measures in the fight against coronavirus (SARV CoV-2 ) recommended by health authorities.



Am I helping the environment with SAFETYBAND®?


Of course. SAFETYBAND’s patented ECO system is environmentally friendly. Also with SAFETYBAND® we save water, because for each hand wash we spend an average of 2 liters of water. According to WHO studies, by 2025, nearly 2 billion people will live in countries or regions where water scarcity will be absolute. Water resources per person will be below the recommended 500 cubic meters per year, amount of water a person needs to lead a healthy and hygienic life.

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Can I wear the SAFETYBAND® Sanitizing Bracelet on both wrists?

Yes. SafetyBand adapts to both wrists according to your preference.

Can I customize SAFETYBAND® for my company?


Of course! Contact us to rate different corporate options.



Has the SAFETYBAND® formulation been tested on animals?


Of course not. We comply with the law 2013/15/EC where the sale of any cosmetic product that has been tested on animals or that the ingredients that form it have been tested on animals is prohibited.



Is the formula vegan?


Of course! We do not use any ingredients of animal origin.



What is SafetyBand® inspired by?

SafetyBand is inspired by the space kit designed for crew members of the Apollo 11 mission. Designed for comfort and efficiency in your new day to day.

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